[Trlog] NAQP question

Mark Beckwith mark at concertart.com
Mon Jan 12 19:01:21 EST 2004

K5WA said:

>I guess I hoping I could load a string
>into an F key that picks up the
>needed station's call from my 40
>contact and then calls him on 20 (i.e.
>VE9DX de K5WA).  Then a CQ is called
>back on 40 again.

Omigosh, what a great solution to this problem.  I'm with Bob, has anyone
else made this work?  I tried using dueling CQs and all that did was keep my
run frequency running so fast, I never got any RF out on the PSE QSY TO
frequency.  I'm sure a few guys were put out with me for asking them to move
and then appearing to not be there.

Mark, N5OT

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Subject: [Trlog] NAQP question

> Now that NAQP is over (great timing on my part), has anyone programmed a
> function button to help you work a "moved" guy on another band without
> giving up your run frequency?  The situation I'm thinking about is
> where, for example, VE9DX has called you on 40M and you ask him to move
> to 20M.  I found myself taking a couple of minutes of calling him only
> to realize we didn't have 20M conditions anymore, and by the time I gave
> up, my run frequency was gone.
  I hit the F key
> again to repeat until I work VE9DX on 20 or go back to normal SO2R
> operation.  I'm hoping somebody has already done such a thing and can
> help me avoid a pitfall or two as I try to figure out the best setup.
> I hope I haven't missed this feature in TR, if it actually is a standard
> component.  I sure could have used it last weekend.  I just didn't move
> enough mults and this would help ease that process...I think.
> Bob K5WA
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