[Trlog] NAQP question

K4RO Kirk Pickering k4ro at k4ro.net
Mon Jan 12 19:53:42 EST 2004

My favortie method is the Control-A character programmed
in front of a short CQ message.  It sends a message on 
the inactive radio.  I program the F5 key consistently 
for this purpose. You can program any message for the
inactive radio.  The TR-Log Control-A feature is a very 
powerful and most excellent SO2R tool, in my opinion.

-Kirk  K4RO

> K5WA said:
> I guess I hoping I could load a string into an F key
> that picks up the needed station's call from my 40
> contact and then calls him on 20 (i.e.VE9DX de K5WA). 
> Then a CQ is called back on 40 again.

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