[Trlog] NAQP question

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 12 20:30:28 EST 2004

This is exactly my question as well!  After giving it some thoughts, and 
hearing the extremely smooth way that W4PA moved me to 160 for a QSO (since 
he probably didn't need Texas for a mult on 160) while continuing a good 
rhythm on his run frequency, here is my thinking on the subject:

1.  It's hard sometimes to know if you need the mult, because the location 
of the station is not known if you have not worked him/her before.

2.  So be prepared to enter the exchange info, and if you need the mult on 
another band after seeing the "mult needed data,"  log the QSO with the CTL 
ENTER keys so you do not send the "QSL Message" because then he is gone!

3.  Program and press a key to send " ) PSE QSY TO " and then send the 
frequency with a paddle or with the F10 keyboard CW.

4. Program a key to send " ) ) \ \ " to call him/her on the suggested 
frequency.  Proceed this command with the CTL A command to put the call on 
the inactive radio.

5.  Until he answers you, continue CQing on your run freq.

6.  When the station answers you on the QSY frequency, hit the ALT R key 
(to make the inactive radio active), and the CTL R key to pick the 
station's call sign from the previous QSO), and work the station on the QSY 
freq with the proper F keys and log the QSO.

7.  Press the ALT R key and go back to the run frequency.  Continuing CQing 
as before.

There probably is a more elegant way to do this, but it's the best I can 
think of at this time.  The NAQP is hard because you don't know if you need 
the mult from the call sign unless you have worked him before and the 
database knows his QTH.  If it's a brand new station, you must either know 
where he is, or go through the steps in #2 above.

At 06:29 PM 1/12/2004 -0600, Bob Evans wrote:
>Now that NAQP is over (great timing on my part), has anyone programmed a
>function button to help you work a "moved" guy on another band without
>giving up your run frequency?  The situation I'm thinking about is
>where, for example, VE9DX has called you on 40M and you ask him to move
>to 20M.  I found myself taking a couple of minutes of calling him only
>to realize we didn't have 20M conditions anymore, and by the time I gave
>up, my run frequency was gone.
>I guess I hoping I could load a string into an F key that picks up the
>needed station's call from my 40 contact and then calls him on 20 (i.e.
>VE9DX de K5WA).  Then a CQ is called back on 40 again.  I hit the F key
>again to repeat until I work VE9DX on 20 or go back to normal SO2R
>operation.  I'm hoping somebody has already done such a thing and can
>help me avoid a pitfall or two as I try to figure out the best setup.
>I hope I haven't missed this feature in TR, if it actually is a standard
>component.  I sure could have used it last weekend.  I just didn't move
>enough mults and this would help ease that process...I think.
>Bob K5WA
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