[Trlog] SSB SO2R with a DVK?

Bernie van der Walt bernie at internext.co.za
Tue Jan 13 08:16:12 EST 2004


The SCK II works perfectly in SSB SO2R mode with TRLog if you use the
DVKDELAY command.  DVKDELAY = 2000 will give you a 2 second delay.

I can do an Alt D, call the station on Radio B with the space bar, complete
the QSO, all just by using DVK messages.

After the QSO on radio B is completed TR automatically launches a CQ on
Radio A.  You just need to set your DVKDELAY timings properly.

The only missing part is that the CQ ALT F3 message (CQ on Radio A) is
currently not called by the program after your call is sent on Radio B to
work the Alt D station.

I have asked Tree a while ago to look into enabling that feature (CQ ALT F3)
for DVK operation as well.  I am sure he will add it when time allows.

I can send you my .cfg file which fully utilises TRLog on the SCK II for the
SO2R switch, CW keying and DVK control if you want.


Bernie, ZS4TX

> In fact, I can't figure out how the receive audio
> can get switched correctly between the radios using
> two radio mode (ALT-D on the second radio followed by
> space).
> Before I arrange to drive 70 miles or so to test this
> theory, Is anyone out there using SSB SO2R with a DVK?
> This would appear to be fixable by adding a parameter
> defining the length (in tenths of seconds maybe?)
> of each DVK message to the TR program, and using
> that interval to control the switching.
> Have I misunderstood something here (probably :-))?
> I'll worry about other logging programs after I get
> TRLog figured out. :-)
> Thanks in advance for any help and 73.
> Mark, KD4D
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