[Trlog] SSB SO2R with a DVK? 6.52 and 6.71 Release notes

Bernie van der Walt bernie at internext.co.za
Tue Jan 13 08:32:39 EST 2004


Here is the release notes about the DVKDELAY and STEREOTOGGLE that works
with the SCK II.  The DVKDELAY has been included since version 6.52.  Ron,
KK1L ironed out a few problems in 6.71.  All that is needed now is the CQ
ALT F3 call feature then it basically emulates what happens on CW.



Version 6.71 - released 30 October 2002

 - Added two more DVK pins to the parallel port, pins 7 and 8. They are
   activated by messages DVK5 and DVK6 respectively.
 - Fixed DVKDelay and some other SO2R DVK related issues.
- Added support for new WX0B SO2R and ZS4TX Super Combo Keyer II
   Stereo/Mono input. The state of either pin 5 or pin 9 of a parallel
   port may be toggled using STEREO PIN HIGH = TRUE or FALSE (default)
   in LOGCFG.DAT or the CTRL-J menu as well as the function key command
   PIN = 5/9 in LOGCFG.DAT to set the parallel port and pin to use. If
   you use pin 5 then you cannot use the same port for DVK control. If
   you use pin 9 then you cannot use the same port for band output. You
   can probably think of other uses for this function!

Version 6.52 - Released on 3 August 2000.

 - Added ability to program delay into DVK messages.  Use Control-C
   followed by DVKDELAY=xxxx and then Control-D in the message.
   xxxx is the number of milliseconds to delay.  You can program
   a Control-C when using the Alt-D message editor by pressing
   Control-P first and then Control-C.

> > You might be able to do this with a DVK provided it
> > had a way to tell TR-Log it was finished and also
> > TR-Log know how to read this signal from the DVK.

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