[Trlog] Re: DOS Window Display Difficulties

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Tue Jan 13 16:48:35 EST 2004

Kenneth, WM5R replied:
 >> Tnx for the effort, Andre, but ALT + Space doesn't work...just sends TR
 >>  into S&P with my call being sent :-)
 > He meant Alt+Enter.

Tnx, tried this one too but no luck.

George, K5TR inquired:
 >> Just can't figure this one out.
 >What is your computer?

A Toshiba Tecra 740CDT P166 with WIN95.

Robert, K5PI suggested:
 > Try Alt-Enter. Also, if you right click the icon you use to launch TR
 > (create a shortcut if you haven't) and choose Properties, you'll see 
 > display options. These vary by Windows flavor, but you should see what you
 > need.

I don't use an Icon to lauch TR, but rather "TR" in the DOS mode.  I 
already tried
every possible option for the Windows properties another way...open in a 
full screen, different lines of display, etc., etc. Everything I could 
think of.

There is one more thing to try later and I'll report back if successful.

Tnx for all the replies and suggestions.


Rick, K6VVA

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