[Trlog] Re: DOS Window Display Difficulties (Eric Hilding)

Andre mail at dl8wx.de
Wed Jan 14 21:48:36 EST 2004


if the last idea you intended to test did not result in a hurra,
here is some more content as I had exactly this problem until
recently on my 386 laptop.

When you start TR in pure DOS mode, you loose this feature as it
is a Windows task. So you must use a DOS window with W95 to test 
this (ALT+Enter), and the callsign in S&P from TR verifies you were
in pure DOS recently.
The ALT commands which affect Windows are filtered before TR can
do anything with those (unless you disable them in a special W95
With W95 and even W98 it should be possible to run TR in a DOS 
window unless other programs are active in the background.
If this is not possible, you are confined to the small window as 
I was for several years...

73, Andre DL8WX

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