[Trlog] need help setting up messages

Ken K7ZUM Ken.Knopp at verizon.net
Tue Jan 20 21:14:12 EST 2004

Hi All,

         I plan on doing a very modest effort in the up coming CQ WW 160 CW, and I need a few comments,
hints,suggestions, etc., on how to set up a very special memory key, with the proper wording, and was hoping to
be able to get a few here.

           Here's the situation, every year that I do a 160 C.W. contest from my home QTH, I end up contending with 
another station just about 4 miles (as the crow flies) due south of me, the guy is LOUD ! and if I am C.Q'ing and working 
stations, I can hear  him working stations in the S&P mode, usually at a very rapid clip, (this is with a 500 hz filter in, 
sometimes with two 250 hz filters in !!) I know its the guy south of me, cause I can watch my S meter staring to deflect over 
to full scale, and on occasion I can watch my receiver start to bounce up and down and I swear I can hear a little "moan" out of it 
cause it just knows it's gonna get "crushed" at any moment ! and if I am working some weak guy, all I can say to myself
is, Oh God, hurry up and finish this Q before he gets here !   And then it happens, the guy zero beats me, drops his call in at 
about 30+wpm, the needle on the S-meter is literally laying off to the right hand side, and it STAYS THERE ! the receiver is 
literally moaing from overload, and is usually accompied by a few "wisps" of smoke coming out of the vent holes, BUT, 
when the receiver DOES recover, and I want him to think that he has a weak and wimpy signal, (and I want him to work for the Q !)  and try and make him think there's got to be something wrong with his antenna,amp,radio, etc, ( I mean, how can he work D.X., if the guy 4 miles away can't hear him !)   I'll send ............  di di da da di dit ........ (been doing this for years ! I now think, that he thinks I can't copy code !.................. which I can't )     then here comes the crushing call again, I'll send the exchange, get his 
info, and then listen to him leaving, working the next few stations up or down the band from me.

              So, here's the dilema, this year I was gonna try something different, and make up a special programed function key,
other than just, didi dada didit , but the only thing so far that I have been able to come up with when I am on a run frequency, and I 
copy this call .....K7RAT...is to send....... YO RAT BOY     VERY WK     AGN AGN   DI DI DA DA DI DIT  !!

so does anybody have any other suggestions ??

             Or if there is no suggestions, and since Tree told me last night, that he was not going to do anything serious, just 
an hour here or there, how about if some of you program your own "rat boy vy wk" messages, and when you copy K7RAT,
send it !!  and maybe Tree will post who had the best "vy wk rat boy" messages.  
(will give him sumthing to do during the 160 contest) 
Any takers ??

BTW, If sometime between now, and the end of the contest, If I hear the creaking and groaning of twisting metal, loud
crashing noises, and if I look out my backyard window, and see my shunt fed tower, beam, dipoles, etc., all laying on the 
ground in a twisted heep of "scrap metal" , and  "Tree" is standing in my backyard with a "chainsaw" in his hands and 
a devilish grin on his face, I'll assume, he disagrees !!!

73 de K7ZUM
Ken in Gres"HAM"  Ore

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