[Trlog] Getting back on the air

Markhasin, Vitaly Vitaly.Markhasin at UE-1.com
Tue Jan 27 08:38:11 EST 2004

Hi Mike,
TRLog will not work in XP. I have a new computer (Pentium 4) with XP
installed and assembled to me specs by the store.
However, they refused to install DOS and Win95. I will do it myself using
System Commander 7 (by VCOM). This program allows you to
go backward (install DOS and Win95 after XP).

In DOS or Win95 use SBDVP.

GL, 73 Vitaly (VE6JO)

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I am hoping for a bit of guidance.
I have been QRT now for a number of years and would like to get back into
the contesting scene.  I have a few questions that I hope the users here can
1.  Is TRlog functional with Windows XP?
2.  What are most people using for DVP now that most of the computers do not
have ISA slots?
Any other hints and suggestions greatly appreciated.
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