[Trlog] Re: [PVRC] TR-Log on fast computer.

kd4d at comcast.net kd4d at comcast.net
Wed Nov 24 21:53:08 EST 2004

Hi BP:

You may want to try installing that version of DOS, and its
support files, on the hard drive rather than 6.22.  Let
us know if that also works.  I haven't had any trouble on these

This sounds like it could be a problem with 6.22.


Mark, KD4D

> Hi All,
> Mark, KD4D, suggested to download Win-98SE boot disk and boot the computer. 
> I did it a bit different: created bootable diskette on Win-98 machine 
> (format a: /s) and booted 3.2 GHz computer to it. Then I accessed TR 
> directory on C: drive and everything works OK. If I access the very same 
> directory via dual boot and run TR-Log - the runtime error pops up within 
> few seconds.
> Thanks all responded.
> 73!
> bp (wf3j) 
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