[Trlog] Wish list

alan.kaul at att.net alan.kaul at att.net
Thu Oct 7 11:40:14 EDT 2004

I know another release is planned for the upcoming Oct-Nov
contests, and I would like to suggest software changes which 
would put the exact frequency used into the final log (for those 
of us who use "log frequency enable" during the contest).  

Currently, POST.EXE discards that information when you use
the command to "renumber" QSO's.  

It would be great to save FREQ info, so after the contest, when the 
TR-log data file is uploaded and exported into my regular logging program, 
the exact frequency would be preserved.

Why?  Because long after the contest is over I like to look back at the log and
figure out which are RUN and which are S and P contacts.... and to
compare my performance in different contests.  Looking at frequency data is 
an easy way to do that.  Plus, I just like to have the exact frequencies rather
than just band information.

Thanks and best 73, de alan

Alan Kaul W6RCL LaCanada, CA 91011
e-mail:  w6rcl at amsat.org

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