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Tom Hammond n0ss at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 7 13:53:55 EDT 2004

Though I've not used this option, doesn't it save a copy of your original 
file before performing the renumber action?

I know POST saves the input file before it performs many other operations, 
seems logical that it'd do the same here.


Tom   N0SS

At 10:40 AM 10/7/04, alan.kaul at att.net wrote:
>I know another release is planned for the upcoming Oct-Nov
>contests, and I would like to suggest software changes which
>would put the exact frequency used into the final log (for those
>of us who use "log frequency enable" during the contest).
>Currently, POST.EXE discards that information when you use
>the command to "renumber" QSO's.
>It would be great to save FREQ info, so after the contest, when the
>TR-log data file is uploaded and exported into my regular logging program,
>the exact frequency would be preserved.
>Why?  Because long after the contest is over I like to look back at the 
>log and
>figure out which are RUN and which are S and P contacts.... and to
>compare my performance in different contests.  Looking at frequency data is
>an easy way to do that.  Plus, I just like to have the exact frequencies 
>than just band information.
>Thanks and best 73, de alan
>Alan Kaul W6RCL LaCanada, CA 91011
>e-mail:  w6rcl at amsat.org
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