[Trlog] CQP mult identifiers

alan.kaul at att.net alan.kaul at att.net
Sat Oct 9 19:06:01 EDT 2004

I don't know your source of the "official" for the CQP
but the mults info on the CAL QSO PARTY website at
http://www.cqp.org/Rules.html is as follows:

as follows:


"California stations count U.S. states (50) and eight Canadian areas: Maritime (VE1, VE9, VO1, VO2 and VY2), VE2 through VE7, and Northern Territories (VY0, VY1, VE8) for a possible total of 58.  All others use California counties for a maximum of 58. CA stations on a county line may be claimed as a multiplier for any or all of the counties they give in their exchange.  Number each multiplier as worked...."

This instruction seems to differ from the "official" rules you quoted in that it specifies
MAR, Ve2-Ve3-Ve4-Ve5-Ve6-Ve7-NT.  As a practical matter, I worked all the Canadian
provinces in the CQP and TR logged them as VE1-thru-VE8.

I believe contest sponsors have software to score your Cabrillo log which takes all of this into account.... or at least it seemed to last year.

73 de alan
Alan Kaul W6RCL LaCanada, CA 91011
e-mail:  w6rcl at amsat.org

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