[Trlog] CQP mult identifiers

Ken Beals k6mr at pacbell.net
Sat Oct 9 19:37:03 EDT 2004

Thanks, Alan.  I'm still learning alot about how the computerized log 
checkers do things.  I think I may put a note on the NCCC reflector and 
make sure I'm doing it right.  I suspect it's ok, but I don't want to 
send in the log and have a bunch of Qs thrown out.  I'm obviously not 
the only one using TR, I just thought I had somehow got the wrong .dom 


alan.kaul at att.net wrote:

>I don't know your source of the "official" for the CQP
>but the mults info on the CAL QSO PARTY website at
>http://www.cqp.org/Rules.html is as follows:
>as follows:
>"California stations count U.S. states (50) and eight Canadian areas: Maritime (VE1, VE9, VO1, VO2 and VY2), VE2 through VE7, and Northern Territories (VY0, VY1, VE8) for a possible total of 58.  All others use California counties for a maximum of 58. CA stations on a county line may be claimed as a multiplier for any or all of the counties they give in their exchange.  Number each multiplier as worked...."
>This instruction seems to differ from the "official" rules you quoted in that it specifies
>MAR, Ve2-Ve3-Ve4-Ve5-Ve6-Ve7-NT.  As a practical matter, I worked all the Canadian
>provinces in the CQP and TR logged them as VE1-thru-VE8.
>I believe contest sponsors have software to score your Cabrillo log which takes all of this into account.... or at least it seemed to last year.
>73 de alan
>Alan Kaul W6RCL LaCanada, CA 91011
>e-mail:  w6rcl at amsat.org

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