[Trlog] What TR version ?

Mike Wetzel mjwetzel at comcast.net
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I have been using 6.79 for about the past year and have had a few instances
where communication with Icom radios was such that it cost me q's and mults
because I didn't realize until after the contest that I didn't know what HF
band was 1Ghz!  So I am taking Terry's N4TZ's suggestion to drop back to
6.78 and try it this weekend instead.

Here are the changes for 6.79 from 6.78:

Version 6.79 - 22 November 2003

 - Made ActiveBand and ActiveMode only get updated from radio frequency
   information if not NoBand and NoMode.

 - Fixed bug with CQ on RadioTwo being inserted into the bandmap on
   RadioOne's frequency.

 - Fixed > character not working on SSB.

 - Added KeyCode startup command - will display the key code information
   for keys on the keyboard as you type them.  This is used to understand
   how to tell keys apart that give the same ASCII result.

Mike W9RE

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I'd use 6.79.  I last used that version for WAE CW and
WAE SSB and it works very well.  I intend to use it next
weekend for SS CW!  This weekend is a multi-op where
they use CT.  :-(

I am of course eagerly awaiting the new release to play
with.  However, I'm a guest operator so I have limited
chances to play with new releases before the contest.
I'll wait a couple of contests to see how things went
before I'm willing to switch to a brand new version
unless it has something I really need!  Too risky!  :-)

Hopefully, Tree will chime in with the official word.


Mark, KD4D

> What TR version should we use this weekend ?.
> Thanks.
> 73 de Arturo, LU6ETB
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