[Trlog] TR on a Win XP machine

David Hachadorian k6ll at adelphia.net
Mon Apr 4 19:08:33 EDT 2005

Here's another way to run TR on a fast XP machine. Maybe it has been 
mentioned before, but I didn't see it in the archives:

Install an old DOS HDD in the XP machine as a second HDD. Set the 
jumpers to make it the master drive (HDD-0).

Make the drive with XP on it the slave (HDD-1) by setting its jumpers.

When the machine starts to boot, enter Bios Setup, and change the boot 
order to either HDD-0 first, or HDD-1 first, depending on whether you 
want to run DOS or XP.

When I boot to the DOS drive, I get a warning about Frame Base Address 
EMS being unavailable, and expanded memory not being available, but it 
boots anyway. Max executable program memory size is about 600 KB. TR 
data entry, Rig control and cw keying work fine. I haven't tried the 
paddle yet. The computer is a homemade job with an overclocked 
processor equivalent to Athlon XP 3200. I have some other DOS programs 
that I plan to run on here too, like the ones from the ARRL antenna 
book, and EZNEC. Anybody want to buy my old 486 DX 66 (without HDD)?

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ 

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