[Trlog] Missing Callsigns in the Callsign Field

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Sun Apr 17 06:41:45 EDT 2005

I operated in MI QSO Party yesterday.  I used TRLog 6.78 with Bandmap.

I noticed a couple of things:

1.  As I S&P'd my way around the band and moved on to or passed someone's
bandmapped "frequency" their call was not showing up in the callsign field.
The cursor seemed to be offset the appropriate number of spaces, but nothing
was visible.  I was thinking maybe the color of the text in the field was
the same color as the field background, but I was using a new config.  When
I typed in calls, they were clearly visible and 'normal'--the default
colors.  The cfg was created for the contest and I made no color changes to

2.  When finding a new or old station and hitting space bar to put them in
or update their bandmap location, nothing seemed to happen--they did not
appear; the different call that may have occupied that frequency stayed.
Other times, it worked fine--old call got updated on the new frequency or
new call appeared where it was supposed to.

Any ideas?  I haven't had a chance since having to QRT yesterday afternoon
to sit down long enough to investigate what was (or was not) happening.

dale, kg5u

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