[Trlog] Missing Callsigns in the Callsign Field

Steve London n2ic at arrl.net
Sun Apr 17 13:24:50 EDT 2005

Known problems that I have seen with 6.79....I believe that W9RE and I both 
wrote about this well over a year ago.

One of the key reasons I have stuck with 6.69.

Steve, N2IC

Dale Martin wrote:
> I operated in MI QSO Party yesterday.  I used TRLog 6.78 with Bandmap.
> I noticed a couple of things:
> 1.  As I S&P'd my way around the band and moved on to or passed someone's
> bandmapped "frequency" their call was not showing up in the callsign field.
> The cursor seemed to be offset the appropriate number of spaces, but nothing
> was visible.  I was thinking maybe the color of the text in the field was
> the same color as the field background, but I was using a new config.  When
> I typed in calls, they were clearly visible and 'normal'--the default
> colors.  The cfg was created for the contest and I made no color changes to
> anything.
> 2.  When finding a new or old station and hitting space bar to put them in
> or update their bandmap location, nothing seemed to happen--they did not
> appear; the different call that may have occupied that frequency stayed.
> Other times, it worked fine--old call got updated on the new frequency or
> new call appeared where it was supposed to.
> Any ideas?  I haven't had a chance since having to QRT yesterday afternoon
> to sit down long enough to investigate what was (or was not) happening.
> 73,
> dale, kg5u
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