[Trlog] IARUHQ.DOM file problem

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Mon Jul 11 01:14:05 EDT 2005

Hmm.. in my file, ARAI is also not in alpha order.  It is between ARA 
and ARAB.

I followed the suggestion to move the first line (ARA) to the right spot 
and also moved ARAI.  I then started TR hoping to see the HQ mults when 
I hit ALT-G.  Instead of seeing just ARA I now see just AARA which is 
now the first line of the file.

Does anyone else have this problem?  I'm using 6.79

73, Jim Smith   VE7FO

Steve London wrote:

>I had the same problem with George's IARUHQ.DOM file in 6.69 until I made sure 
>they were in alphabetical order. The first line in the file is not in the 
>correct spot. Putting it in the correct spot fixed the problem.
>>I did get the "Too many multipliers enabled!!" message when I tried to do 
>>the mult check with POST.  But that's almost a meaningless exercise in 
>>today's Cabrillo world anyway, so I just didn't worry with it.
>Run the TR READ command to rerun the contest to get a clear picture of your 
>claimed score.  Be sure to save a copy of your original LOG.DAT file just in 
>case of an unforseen problem with TR READ.
>Steve, N2IC
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