[Trlog] Line endings in *.dom files

Paul Kirley pkirley at fuse.net
Mon Jul 11 12:15:50 EDT 2005

I also had "too many mults" when using POST after the IARU HF event.  The file IARUHQ.DOM was suspected to be the problem source.

Tree sed:
> Is there the possibility of missing carriage returns in the file?
> Maybe line feeds only?

Jim VE7FO sed:
> I had a look at the file with a hex editor and, indeed, every line ended 
in 0A (LF) instead of 0D (CR).  I replaced all the 0A's with 0D's and 
the problem is solved.

Because I have a hex viewer but lack a hex editor, and so the ability to replicate VE7FO's solution, I investigated further.

Using Notepad to create a small text file by typing, and then viewing the result in hex, I verified that the standard Windows line ending in hex is "0D 0A" (without the quotes).  I usually edit *.dom files in Windows, but most of my edits are to true domestic files that don't get mult checked.

My copy of IARUHQ.DOM (which generates the error message) also has line endings of "0D 0A".

My experiments with Word and other Windows editors have all failed to get rid of the terminal "0A" character.  Doubling the "^p" paragraph symbol in Word produced "0D 0A 0D 0A" (to give "0A 0D" as the middle characters), but that didn't help.

Is it possible that POST is looking for the non-Windows line ending of "0D" (or "0D 0D" as in VE7FO's edited version)?  Or might the problem be caused because the Windows ending "0A" effectively becomes the first character of the next line?

73, Paul W8TM

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