[Trlog] Bootable DOS CD for running TRLog and CT - Testers Needed!

Mark Bailey kd4d at comcast.net
Tue Jul 12 10:38:22 EDT 2005

Good day, all:

Thanks to the kindness of Datapol gmbh in Germany and the power of
FreeDOS, I am announcing the Alpha test version 1.0 of the DOS
Contesting LiveCD.  I need volunteers to test this and
report back.  Please let me know if you are willing to test
this and I will send you an ISO image of the CD!

NOTE:  This CD may only be used on "private" computers and
for "private" purposes.  You may not use it on work computers
or for work.  This is due to the licensing for the private
(free) version of NTFS4DOS!  See www.datapol.de/dpe/freeware.

This is a bootable CD containing FreeDOS.  You can boot it on
almost any modern computer and run DOS.  The CD also contains
the private version of NTFS4DOS from Datapol.  This allows you
to have read and write access to any NTFS hard disk partition
from DOS.

This means that you can walk up to a WindowsXP computer, boot
this CD, and save a contest log file to the hard disk of the

The way I envision this being used for now is for the user to
create a directory on the C:\ drive of the WindowsXP computer
and install CT or TRLog in that directory.  You can do this
from WindowsXP! This makes things like updating cty.dat and
master.dta/trmaster.dta files very easy.

NOTE:  I suggest making this a directory in the root of
C:, such as C:\TR679 or C:\CT102008 or something.

Then reboot the computer from the LiveCD.  Look at the
output from NTFS4DOS and get the drive letter for the
NTFS partition (probably D:).  Type "Yes" at the Datapol

Then, at the dos prompt (A:>), type D: (or whatever)
and then "cd tr679" or "cd ct102008" or whatever.
(Use a DOS directory name...up to eight letters
and no spaces).

Then, type "TR" or "CT" to run the logging program.

This will save the log to the hard drive.

Please let me know if you are willing to test this! I
will mail you the 2MByte ISO file and, if you need
them, directions for creating a bootable CD from the
ISO file.

Thanks again to Datapol and the FreeDOS community.


Mark, KD4D

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