[Trlog] IARUHQ.DOM file

George Fremin III geoiii at kkn.net
Tue Jul 12 15:48:32 EDT 2005


I am sorry I seem to have stirred up a mess by posting the 
IARUHQ.DOM file.  This was the same file I posted last year
before the IARU contest.  The reason I made the post is 
that I had at least one person who did not have this file.

For the past five or so versions of TR-Log that were released
the IARUHQ.DOM file was missing.  If you already had a version 
of this file you do not need the one I posted.  If you do not 
have a copy of the IARUHQ.DOM file you will not even be able 
to get program to start for the IARU contest. 

Mult check routine

I would not run the mult check for the IARU contest - if indeed
you can get it to run. 

In fact I never run this routine on my logs or any contest.

Here is why:

The mult check routine will flag every case where you entered 
a zone that is different that the callsign would suggest.

Like N3BB sends zone 7 but the program will ask you 
if you want to change it to zone 8.

Since the zones do not conform to the call areas in all cases - like some
9's are in 7 and some in 8 and some 4's are in 7 and not 8 and 
some 7's are in 7 and not 6 - the mult check routine is not very useful
for this contest.  I logged hundreds of these over the weekend and 
you/I don't want to change them after the fact to the wrong zones as suggested
by the mult check routine.

The program has no way of knowing if you got the HQ mults correct or
even the same for each contact with a given station.  So the mult check
routine will not help you with those.

A better thing to run on a log is the RESCORE command.
This will find some broken syntax errors and things if they 
exist and will fix any point errors that might have made it
into your log.  It will also rescore the log if you changed a call
or zone in the edit window but not the points.

George Fremin III - K5TR
geoiii at kkn.net

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