[Trlog] For SO2R Wannabees & n00bs

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Thu Jul 14 16:02:09 EDT 2005

If you're an SO2R Wannabee or n00b (like myself) and don't subscribe to 
CQ-Contest, you may find the following helpful.

I was the "Videographer" at our NCCC SO2R Clinic v1.0 during last weekend's 
IARU contest.  The full post-production and editing for the CD/DVD won't be 
done until late August.  But...

In the interim, I stuck up a 1 minute clip for my fellow NCCCers at:


It's a LARGE straight .mpg file and NOT streaming video.  You need to 
download the entire file before playing it.  Also, make sure your sound 
controls are centered (for proper L-R Stereo), and WEAR HEADPHONES to 
really get the fullness of Ken's SO2R. The 1st N3BB CW should play in your 
LEFT ear, so reverse the headphones if you have them on backwards!

Replaying this clip over and over while reading the on-screen annotations 
can be a great SO2R educational tool.  The final event CD/DVD with N6RO, 
K7NV & N6BV doing CW & SSB SO2R from Ken's station is gonna be Kick-Butt 
SO2R Instruction !!!

Enjoy & 73...

Rick, K6VVA
NCCC SO2R Clinic v1.0 "Video Producer" (self-appointed :-)

P.S.  Yes, Ken was using TRlog ... the Greatest CW Contesting program on 
the planet!!! 

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