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Robert Tellefsen n6wg at comcast.net
Tue Jun 21 19:58:47 EDT 2005

If they are new to TR, I suggest you plan out the features you will actually
use, and just put those in the cheat sheet.  You can make one up in a few
minutes, based on your expected use.
The newbies can get flustered easily, and be pounding on all the wrong keys
the mode they are in (CQ or S&P).  Been there, done that :-)
Best advice, keep it simple.
Good luck, 73, and see you on the air for FD.
Bob N6WG

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Has anyone developed a one page TR Cheat Sheet? A few of our Field Day ops
are new to TR and I'd like to provide them with some written notes.

73 de Mike, N9BOR

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