[Trlog] TRLog and Windows Questions

Carolyn Gyger pinkchicken at cox.net
Sat Mar 12 10:45:13 EST 2005

Although I have followed the discussions about running TRLog using bootable 
CDs and USB sticks, I have to stay with Windows (98SE and XP PRO SP2). The 
reason is that I am legally bllind, and unless I want to sit with my nose 3" 
from my 21" monitor, I have to use magnification software which only works 
with Windows. I just don't feel like spending another $300 for magnification 
software limited to DOS apps. I use ZoomText Level 2.

I have been using TRLOG without any control functions (radio, CW, PTT, TU, 
etc.) while I have been learning it. Now I'm ready to start hooking up the 
interfaces, and I decided to ask some questions before trying something 
which would end up frustrating me to the point of pulling my hair out.

Will Windows (any version) provide I/O services for a program running in a 
DOS Window? I understand that I will probably have to use DirectIO or 
UserPort with XP for LPT support.

Will TRLog running in a DOS window support USB devices such as microKeyer or 
multiple serial port using the drivers bundled with the device.

Is there any good reason NOT to run TRLog in a DOS window on either slow 
machines (166-300 MHz PIIs Win 98SE) or even fast ones (3 Ghz Intel with Win 

If there is some terrible problem doing this, can anyone suggest a 
workaround besides shelling out the dinero for a DOS magnification program?

Thank you *very* much for reading and any help you may provide.

Carolyn K0AN 

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