[Trlog] TRLog and Windows Questions

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Sat Mar 12 13:25:46 EST 2005

Hi Carolyn,

I can answer one of the questions.

I routinely run TRLog under Win98SE on a 500 MHz PIII.  One serial port 
runs the MkV.  The other serial port is sometimes used to network other 
machines using TR when I do a multi-op.  CW keying is via the parallel 
port.  Never, ever have any problems with it.

The computer is also on a home network which is connected via a cable 
router to the internet, which means I have internet access if I want 
while contesting.

As well as TR on the main monitor, I have a 2nd monitor on the same 
machine which is usually displaying DX Atlas as well as propagation info 
while I'm contesting.

This may be a partial answer to the USB question.  I've got a copy of 
the freeby TR on a jump drive plugged into a USB hub.  Using Windows 
Explorer, I went to the directory on the jump drive where it is located 
and double clicked on TR.exe.  TR started up in its DOS box and the 
simulator ran just fine.

Many people say that they have been able to run TR with multiple serial 
port devices from a PCI slot under Win98SE.  I've been trying to do this 
but with no luck so far.  Had to drop the project for now due to lack of 

I'm sure you'll get many other replies.  Good luck with this.  You'll 
really enjoy rig control from TR.

73 de JIm Smith   VE7FO

Carolyn Gyger wrote:

>Although I have followed the discussions about running TRLog using bootable 
>CDs and USB sticks, I have to stay with Windows (98SE and XP PRO SP2). The 
>reason is that I am legally bllind, and unless I want to sit with my nose 3" 
>from my 21" monitor, I have to use magnification software which only works 
>with Windows. I just don't feel like spending another $300 for magnification 
>software limited to DOS apps. I use ZoomText Level 2.
>I have been using TRLOG without any control functions (radio, CW, PTT, TU, 
>etc.) while I have been learning it. Now I'm ready to start hooking up the 
>interfaces, and I decided to ask some questions before trying something 
>which would end up frustrating me to the point of pulling my hair out.
>Will Windows (any version) provide I/O services for a program running in a 
>DOS Window? I understand that I will probably have to use DirectIO or 
>UserPort with XP for LPT support.
>Will TRLog running in a DOS window support USB devices such as microKeyer or 
>multiple serial port using the drivers bundled with the device.
>Is there any good reason NOT to run TRLog in a DOS window on either slow 
>machines (166-300 MHz PIIs Win 98SE) or even fast ones (3 Ghz Intel with Win 
>If there is some terrible problem doing this, can anyone suggest a 
>workaround besides shelling out the dinero for a DOS magnification program?
>Thank you *very* much for reading and any help you may provide.
>Carolyn K0AN 
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