[Trlog] Partial loss of frequency data

Tree tree at kkn.net
Thu Mar 17 18:42:50 EST 2005

> For these radios, should frequency be seen to be changing on
> polling, maybe skip a poll here & there, then resume hitting it
> with every poll when the received frequency stops changing?

The radio does not respond to the requests for frequency information 
when the VFO knob is being turned.  It saves them all up until the 
knob stops turning, then all of them get responded to.

So - TR doens't know that the frequency is changing - it just knows 
that there doesn't appear to be a radio hooked up to the computer
any more.  TR could be smart and stop polling the radio - until it
gets an answer from a previous request - but that really doesn't 
change what happens from the user's perspective.

> Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if so many polls didn't get queued up
> in the rig.  Compared to no updates, slightly delayed update of
> displayed frequency with quicker recovery when tuning stops
> seems preferable.  No doubt it wouldn't be as simple as that.  ;^(

It doesn't seem to take long for all of the responses to come back.


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