[Trlog] Mid-Atlantic QP logging of mobiles

Wa3aan@aol.com Wa3aan at aol.com
Wed May 11 09:14:03 EDT 2005

Thanks to all who responded to my request for scoring help in the MAQP 
contest ...W8TM, S57AD and K9NW .... Trying to rescore during the contest will a 
problem since I'll be running qso's in the target area ....  I'm inclined to 
follow the suggestion to rescore the contest after generating the Cabrillo log ... 
Using a spreadsheet should help the process .... If I log a station that is 
mobile in this way  " WA3AAN/M/PHI "  I can use a "Find and Replace" command to 
change /M/??? to just a /M .... Next an "If then" command might work .... If 
"/M" (in the call column), Then "3"  (in the points column) ... I'm still a 
beginner at Excel so  this last tidbit is just a theory .... Of course the old 
armstrong method is always available HI HI ....


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