[Trlog] Parallel Port Questions

James Walter wt9u at verizon.net
Wed Oct 19 15:56:31 EDT 2005

I've recently retired the 486 computer I've been using in the shack and have a slightly newer Pentium computer.  Recently I built the switch box from the schematic on the TRLog website so I can use two radios on phone as well as cw.  I'm using the parallel port for DVK, Paddle Input, Footswitch Input, CW Keying and Relay control.  This all works just fine.

Here's the problem/question.  My second radio is a Kenwood TS-850.  I want to look at the band output from the parallel port and have a band decoder look at that info for a bandpass filter.  Hooked that up yesterday and it looks at the band info but when I swap radios (Alt-R) the bandpass filter jumps to the band or the active radio.

Today I installed a second parallel port.  TR Port shows that there are two ports available.  I've specified port 1 for relay control but it doesn't matter, either port is acting the same way.  In other words, I swap the box from LPT1 to LPT 2, change nothing in the .cfg file and everything works the same (as if they are both the same printer port).

 I am running from DOS and not a DOS window.  As a matter of fact, trying to run TR from a DOS window I loose all rig control (doesn't see the serial ports for some reason).  I renamed the Win.COM file something else to arrive at a C: prompt.  

Computer info (best as I can tell) 98se, GenuineIntel, X86FamilyMod8Step3.  

Any help or am I stuck tuning the bandpass filter manually for this rig.

73...Jim, WT9U

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