[Trlog] Parallel Port Questions

Steve London n2ic at arrl.net
Wed Oct 19 16:35:37 EDT 2005

James Walter wrote:
> I've recently retired the 486 computer I've been using in the shack
> and have a slightly newer Pentium computer.

I just went through the same experience a few weeks ago.  I have a SO2R 
setup with 2 serial and 2 parallel ports being used by TRLog. COM1 and 
LPT1 are on the motherboard; COM4 and LPT2 are plug-in ISA boards.

>  Recently I built the
> switch box from the schematic on the TRLog website so I can use two
> radios on phone as well as cw.  I'm using the parallel port for DVK,
> Paddle Input, Footswitch Input, CW Keying and Relay control.  This
> all works just fine.
> Here's the problem/question.  My second radio is a Kenwood TS-850.  I
> want to look at the band output from the parallel port and have a
> band decoder look at that info for a bandpass filter.  Hooked that up
> yesterday and it looks at the band info but when I swap radios
> (Alt-R) the bandpass filter jumps to the band or the active radio.
> Today I installed a second parallel port.  TR Port shows that there
> are two ports available.  I've specified port 1 for relay control but
> it doesn't matter, either port is acting the same way.  In other
> words, I swap the box from LPT1 to LPT 2, change nothing in the .cfg
> file and everything works the same (as if they are both the same
> printer port).

Is the new LPT port PCI or ISA ?  There are probably jumpers on the 
board to set the address - make sure it is set to LPT2 (address hex 278).

When the computer is booting up, there is a screen that appears briefly 
that shows all the serial and parallel ports detected by the BIOS.  Make 
sure both LPT1 (address 378) and LPT2 (address 278) are shown.

> I am running from DOS and not a DOS window.  As a matter of fact,
> trying to run TR from a DOS window I loose all rig control (doesn't
> see the serial ports for some reason).  I renamed the Win.COM file
> something else to arrive at a C: prompt.

I had no trouble running TRLog from a DOS window under Win 98.  Make 
sure that no other Windows application is trying to use the serial 
ports.  Also, go to Settings->Control Panel->System->Device and make 
sure the serial and parallel ports are detected by Windows.

> Computer info (best as I can tell) 98se, GenuineIntel,
> X86FamilyMod8Step3.
> Any help or am I stuck tuning the bandpass filter manually for this
> rig.
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