[Trlog] FreeDOS

George Fremin III geoiii at kkn.net
Sun Oct 30 12:15:06 EST 2005

For the last few years I had been wanting to try our FreeDOS here at 
the house.  For those of you that do not know FreeDOS is described on their
web page as:

"FreeDOS aims to be a complete, free, 100% MS-DOS compatible operating system"

You can read more about it here:


Anyway - I took a machine that I was going to make into a contest 
computer and up Win98SE on it and then I installed FreeDOS 0.9 Beta something
that I had burned to a CD several months ago.  The install went junt fine
and FreeDOS even installed  aboot loaded so I can choose between 
Win98 and FreeDOS.

To get to the point.  We are doing a M/S here this weekend and 
we have two computers running. One is the old Compaq 486/50 with
DOS 6.22 on it and the other is a newer machine that is running 
FreeDOS.  So far it has been working just great.  I am thinking that 
this newer computer with FreeDOS on it will become my main contest 
computer and replace the very aged Compaq 486.

George Fremin III - K5TR
geoiii at kkn.net

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