[Trlog] Orion update

Tree tree at kkn.net
Thu Dec 7 12:21:21 EST 2006

One of the problems I was having figuring out why the Orions were not working,
was that the RADIODEBUG feature was only returning a few bytes of data from
the radio.  We had the same problem with the FT2000 debug efforts.  My initial
thought that this was some problem related to the faster baud rate (57600 baud).

It turns out that problem had nothing to do with why the radio wasn't working
Whenever I sent a new request to the radio - I cleared out the receive buffer.
This interacted with the way I ended up writing characters to the debug file
so that only the last command received would be saved in the .BIN file.

So - now I can get a much better idea of what data the radio is sending back
to the program and figure out why I am not able to decode it.

I also need to make sure the "USE IRQS" option is working correctly.  I had
some inconsisstent results in my preliminary testing thus far.


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