[Trlog] A little help?

Fred Jensen k6dgw at foothill.net
Sat Jul 1 22:56:12 EDT 2006

The 'calls worked' line at the bottom of the screen works fine, except 
for those I've worked on that band/mode where I can't see the call 
hardly at all.  I'm pretty much totally colorblind and there is no 
contrast for me.  My wife tells me they are essentially black on very 
dark red.  Unfortunately, it's a really hard combination for me to 
discern.  I don't have any other problems with the other windows on the 
TR screen.

Is there anyone out there who is either in a similar situation and has 
solved this problem, or who could give me the codes for something like 
very light on very dark, or vice versa.  I've messed around with them in 
the .CFG file a bit, but it is a long and frustrating process.


Fred K6DGW
Auburn CA CM98lw

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