[Trlog] Possible Call Window Colors

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Sun Jul 2 02:00:09 EDT 2006

To the gentleman who is having a hard time reading the calls in the Possible
Call Window, I lost your note--it came up in the Junk Mail folder and I
clicked on Not Junk Mail and the note disappeared....bizarre.

Anyway, check Section 5.4 of the TRLog manual - Programming Window Colors.

You can change the colors of the calls and the background in the Possible
Call Window and when the call is a dupe.  


Possible Call Window Background = black
Possible Call Window = white
Possible Call Window dupe = yellow 

If that's not the window you are talking about, you should be able to find
the window in Table 8 and make the necessary changes. 

73 and good luck,

Dale, kg5u

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