[Trlog] Serial Port Gone....reprise...

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Tue Jul 4 18:08:40 EDT 2006

Way back in July of last year, I posted a note asking for help regarding the
disappearance of Comport 2 in my old 700MHz Gateway computer.  It had been
my non-radio desktop computer until it was replaced with a 3GHz machine.
The Gateway is now my radio computer (contesting, digital modes, etc.). 

I did what K6LL suggested as far as checking that the 2nd comport was,
indeed, there.  I did a "TAB" during initial bootup and got the
configuration screen (IDE, ports, PCI etc.).  The Serial Ports line says
03F8, 02F8, which is normal.  

In the Bios (stroking or holding down ESC during boot up) window, I can
enable and disable the two comports and the parallel port.  All three are
enabled when the screen opens.  

If I let Windows boot to the Desktop and then do an Alt-F4 and select
Restart in DOS Mode, I only get Com1; no Com2. 

After trying different things, I re-discovered (I had been off the air for
about two or three months) again how to get both comports to work in DOS:
During boot up from a cold start, I press F8 to get the safe mode menu.  I
select DOS Prompt and navigate to the TRLog folder once the C:> prompt shows

Does anyone know what is going on here?  

Is there a setting in Windows that I am obviously not finding that will let
me Restart in DOS Mode and have two operational comports?  

Thanks and 73,

Dale, kg5u

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