[Trlog] [CTDXCC] Serial Port Gone...

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Tue Jul 4 23:52:08 EDT 2006

What I did on the machines that have windows on them is to change the boot
GIU settings so that I get a menu of choices how I want the computer to
boot.  This form of booting also can be set to have a timer on it giving the
user time to select how the computer is to boot.  Of course I always have it
boot to a c: prompt and all 3 or 4 com ports function fully.
If you need info on how to get into the Graphic User Interface (GIU) and
make this work I'd be happy to dig up my notes on how to do it.  It is not
hard but you have to be careful.



I think I found what you are talking about.  

I did a search on Yahoo.com for something like 'windows boot menu' and got a
number of hits. 

I looked at couple of them and found one that gave some MSDOS.SYS Options
options (See below).  

It refers to Windows 95, but I REM'd BootGUI=1 under the Options heading and
inserted BootMenu=1.  That worked.  The menu came up and I selected DOS.
Cool!  -- AND both comports worked. 

Next, for the fun of it, I kept BootMenu=1 REM'd out and un-REM'd BootGUi=1
and changed it to BootGUI=0.  That booted directly into DOS.  It was just a
matter of typing 'win' at the command prompt when I got done with TRLog to
boot to Windows.
Next, I REM'd BootMenu=1 and tried BootWin=0, but it just booted into
Windows 98 as normal. 

I prefer the BootMenu=1 with the menu coming up and giving me the option to
go normal Windows or go to DOS.  

I may play with BootDelay=n, too.  I think that it will just time out if I
don't do anything and go to Windows (if that's what is the default --

I only use both comports for SO2R operating in contests.  So, booting
directly to DOS is not a problem...when I'm setting up for a contest.
Otherwise, I'd just select Windows and do whatever else I was going to do. 

This is fun.  I've missed DOS. 

73 and thanks for the clue, Bob!!! 

Dale, kg5u

This command will boot into your OLD DOS without loading Windows 95.

Boots DOS 7.0 instead of Windows 95.

Displays the Windows 95 Start Up Menu WITHOUT having to hit the F4 and F8 

BootDelay=n (number value in seconds)
Just like the old multi-boot, the sets the value in seconds for how long
you want the scroll bar to wait until it processes the menu.

Just like the old multi-boot, this allows you place the scroll bar on the
menu item of your choice as a default.

This will put the line "Previous Version of DOS" at the bottom of the
menu options.

Disables the Windows 95 logo on Windows boot-up.

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