[Trlog] TR in Windows question

Robert Tellefsen n6wg at comcast.net
Thu Mar 30 12:16:06 EST 2006

I know there are a number of users running TR within Windows, rather than
in a pure DOS environment.  I'll be getting a refurbished desktop computer
for my shack soon, and I'd like to explore running TR this way so I can have
other programs running at the same time.  I expect I'll be using Windows
2000 Pro,
as that's what I'm presently familiar with.  I'll be using TR with two K2s
to run SO2R when I get all the switching arranged.

I'd appreciate hearing the experiences of those of you running this way, as
well as any "watchouts" you might have encountered.

Thanks and 73
Bob N6WG
The Little Station with Attitude

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