[Trlog] Rig 2 communication

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Sun Oct 29 08:49:04 EST 2006

Help  with Rig 2 communication
Life was good until I decided to improve it. 
Just changed out a 2 ser/1lpt for a Byterunner 4ser/1 lpt and now TR  doesn't 
read Rig 2.  I have WL as well and all is fine with SO2R  there.  This  
indicates the ports are configured correctly (?).   Reading the TR manual, it is 
almost like RADIO TWO TRACING ENABLE is  set to false. It is not.  TWO RADIO 
MODE is set TRUE as well.  
Rig 2 (TS 870) has 'ctrl'  LED illuminated on the front panel indicating 
communications between  computer and radio.  But, band changing/frequency reading 
doesn't  happen. Nothing really happens at the radio when I toggle between  
radios.  Rig 2 frequency nor the correct band show correctly on the  monitor. 
SO2R box is working just fine and really should have nothing to do with  problem.
Rig 2 is on Comm 5 with an address of A800 (this is the address I see  in 
device manager).  Same address as with the other card and confirmed  in device 
manager. All other settings in device manager are as they  were with the other 
Any ideas 


Michael  WG0M

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