[Trlog] Exchange radios

Mike Wetzel mjwetzel at comcast.net
Mon Oct 30 10:59:07 EST 2006

Used 6.83 dated 10-24-06 for 2400 q's in CQWW and it worked absolutely great
with Icom 781's (4800 baud).  The multiplier window and q window were always
100% right and this was worth it's weight in gold!  Disclaimer: we all have
TR set up differently so YMMV.

Thanks a bunch Tree!

I never had to reboot once the whole weekend.

The faster frequency response was very noticeable when entering frequencies
via keyboard (I didn't have to pause that split second like before when
doing a split).

Even though the frequency from the radio to TR is not fast, it did not cause
any problems for me in the contest.  Pre contest you think it might
(continuously rotating dial and TR does not update but you normally don't
ever do this in a real contest).

The only blip I saw was this:  When "Alt-D"ing  a second radio Q that is a
dupe, you get the dupe tone but the upper right does not say dupe until you
do "alt-d" again then it shows dupe (this did not show up initially in the
contest).  Not a real biggie and you get use to it quickly.  An added
feature is in the dupe window as you are tuning the second radio to the
frequency of a dupe his call pops up there-Nice.

One other thing that I noticed was that in S and P mode the call sign would
flash in the band map for a station previously worked or previously put in
the band map  but the call did not jump into the window (to enable updating
the band map with space bar)  again not a biggie and if implementing this
causes other possible problem don't even consider this.

I would almost never consider trying a new version in a contest but my fears
were completely unfounded!

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Mike W9RE

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