[Trlog] TR682 and TenTec Orion

kd4d at comcast.net kd4d at comcast.net
Sun Sep 17 14:39:54 EDT 2006

Good day, Tree and everyone:

I finally got a chance to try TR682 at the N3HBX station.  It
works fine with two FT1000MP's.

It does not read the frequency from either Orion.  I can
set the frequency on either Orion (Radio 1 or Radio 2)
but I don't see any frequency display from either radio.

Entering "TR SERIALDEBUG" causes TRLog to freeze after it comes
up.  The same logcfg.dat works fine with TR679, correctly
displaying both radio frequencies.  (This is the same
logcfg.dat I used last year for CW SS, with the two
ORION TIMEOUT lines removed from the logcfg.dat file).

I will be back at the station Thursday and can try more
debugging there.  Now what?  :-)  I would like to try TR682
for CW Sweepstakes.

Thanks VERY MUCH for all of your hard work on TRLog.  I
still think for an SO2R single operator this is the best program


Mark, KD4D

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