[Trlog] RAC Multiplier file

Don Moman VE6JY ve6jy at digitalweb.net
Tue Jan 2 12:56:57 EST 2007


13 Provinces

Ns = VE1, NS
Pq = VE2, QC, QU, PQ
On = VE3, ON
Mb = VE4, MB, MAN
Sk = VE5, SK, SAS
Ab = VE6, AB, ALT
Bc = VE7, BC
Nt = VE8, NW, NT
Yu = VY1, YU, YK, YT
Nb = VE9, NB
Nf = VO1, NF, VO2, LA
Pe = VY2, PE
Nu = VY0, NU

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Anyone know offhand in what file the RAC multipliers
reside? I have 6.58 and it did not recognize NL and
Quebec was Pq instead of Qc. 

Thank you - Gary (KN0V)

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