[Trlog] RAC Multiplier file

Don Moman VE6JY ve6jy at digitalweb.net
Tue Jan 2 16:51:21 EST 2007

This may be a good time to remind TR users that for the RAC contest one
should momentarily change the name of the contest to ARRL-DX to generate
the Cabrillo, and then correct the contest name in the header as
required.  At least that's how I've been doing it....   When I do that I
get, as a sample line:

QSO: 14000 PH 2006-12-30 0001 VE6RAC        59  ab     VE6FI         59

Which I think is identical to the spec at :


At least the columns are in the right order but I have not counted the
spaces.  The one created when you use RAC as the name is quite

QSO: 14000 PH 2006-12-30 0001 VE6RAC                   VE6FI         59
59 Ab

If one checks the Cabrillo templates (version 2) at

Neither RAC contest appears to be officially supported in that no spec
is listed.  It is not in the version 3 list either, which I believe is
the latest.

As for the abbreviations,  I will have to do some experimenting, such as
to try to re read the log using the new abbreviations in P13.dom and
then see if they come thru OK in the ARRL cabrillo (one would likely
need to change the .dom file used in that one as well to reflect the
changes you mentioned).

73 Don

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From: Sam Ferris [mailto:ferrsa at sasktel.net] 
Sent: January 2, 2007 8:35 PM
To: Don Moman VE6JY; trlog at contesting.com
Subject: Re: [Trlog] RAC Multiplier file

Would note that it would make the job of log checkers much easier if the
TRlog multiplier file actually used the designated abbreviations:  More

All abbreviations should be completely in upper case
Quebec should be abbreviated QC and not Pq for the RAC contest Yukon
should be abbreviated YT and not Yu for the RAC contest
Newfoundland/Labrador should be abbreviated NL and not Nf for the RAC

I suspect that editing the file is a trivial task and can be easily
achieved with a DOS editor.  Am certainly willing to do that.task but
suspect that widespread uptake of any updates will be random.

TRlog is also faulty (or at least was faulty - have not seen all the
most recent reports) in the manner in which columns are organized as it
does not produce a Cabrillo report that meets the description for RAC -
columns are misplaced.  While these items sound trivial and picky, they
do not become so when you are on the receiving end of contest logs and
have to check each one for correct use of designated multiplier
descriptions and column organization in the Cabrillo report (One quickly
learns that in practical delivery, there is no such thing as adherence
to  Cabrillo standard - at least for the RAC reports).  These minor
issues quickly multiply the time it takes to process all the logs, even
using automated means - unless that is TRlog users are ready to accept
significant score reductions !

RAC Canada Winter Contest Manager.

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From: Don Moman VE6JY <ve6jy at digitalweb.net>
Date: Tuesday, January 2, 2007 11:56 am
Subject: Re: [Trlog] RAC Multiplier file

> P13.dom
> 13 Provinces
> Ns = VE1, NS
> Pq = VE2, QC, QU, PQ
> On = VE3, ON
> Mb = VE4, MB, MAN
> Sk = VE5, SK, SAS
> Ab = VE6, AB, ALT
> Bc = VE7, BC
> Nt = VE8, NW, NT
> Yu = VY1, YU, YK, YT
> Nb = VE9, NB
> Nf = VO1, NF, VO2, LA
> Pe = VY2, PE
> Nu = VY0, NU
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> Sent: January 2, 2007 5:35 PM
> To: trlog at contesting.com
> Subject: [Trlog] RAC Multiplier file
> Anyone know offhand in what file the RAC multipliers
> reside? I have 6.58 and it did not recognize NL and
> Quebec was Pq instead of Qc.
> Thank you - Gary (KN0V)
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