[Trlog] RealTime Score Reporting for TRLog

Ron Rossi kk1l at arrl.net
Fri Jul 13 12:26:45 EDT 2007


I gave this a try running everything on the logging computer and it 
seems to work out pretty well. This is not something that can be done 
(easily) on a pure DOS computer. I think there are plenty of us running 
TRLog on a Win98 or similar platform.

In order to prevent a window from popping up each time the program runs 
you will have to set the properties to have RTUPLOAD.EXE run minimized 
(right click in explorer, select properties, under program tab choose 
"minimized" from the run selector). Also the "Start In" folder should be 
the one with your log in it.

So this is really not all that hard to do. It is a two step process.
1) Set up a task scheduler job to run RTUPLOAD.EXE every 2 minutes. 
(This should "Start in" the folder with the active log)

2) Run RealTimeScoreReporting and set it up to report every 2 minutes.

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Ron Rossi wrote:
> Folks,
> I have made it possible to use the W1VE and WA7BNM realtime score
> reporting system with TRLog. It is currently a bit roundabout, but
> really not so bad.
> RTUPLOAD is an executable which uses the TRLog POST routines to read the
> log and logcfg to generate a text summary directly readable by Dave's,
> K1TTT, RealTimeScoreReporting program (designed to be used with N1MM
> Log). The RTUPLOAD program takes no parameters. Run it in the same
> directory as the LOG.DAT and LOGCFG.DAT files and it will generate
> I put all the files needed to do the job at
> http://home.comcast.net/~kk1l/RTUpload/RTUpload.zip
> This is the way I chose to do the parse and upload.
> * Run TRLog on a Win98SE platform.
> * Share the folder or drive with LOG.DAT for other windows machines to
> see on the network.
> * Create a TaskScheduler job on a the machine to do the upload (I did
> not want to have TaskScheduler running on the TRLog machine. This may
> not be a big deal, but for CW generation it might be). This job will
> copy the LOGCFG.DAT and LOG.DAT files and then run RTUpload.EXE against
> them to create the summary file called RTUPLOAD.UPL. I have included an
> example DOS batch file which I run. This seems to work pretty well.
> To get TaskScheduler to execute every 2 minutes is not obvious. Create a
> task to run once a day. Then double click on it and use the "advanced"
> button on the "Schedule" tab to set to every 2 minutes or whatever.
> Now you are set to run RealTimeScoreReporting on the upload machine.
> When it starts click on "File" and load DEFAULT.CFG. Change the data as
> you need to and then "File" save.
> Gerry's LiveScores page has good information and program downloads.
> http://www.getscores.org/
> The RealTimeScoreReporting stuff is written by K1TTT and reference on
> the N1MM web site. http://pages.cthome.net/n1mm/html/English/Links.htm
> The direct link is http://www.k1ttt.net/software/realtimescore.zip

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