[Trlog] 6.8latest bandmap

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Wed Mar 14 12:31:13 EST 2007

W0YK added:

>This has happened frequently to me on all versions of TR-Log for the past
>four years, back to before 6.6X or so.  It's like the bandmap window gets
>refreshed partially or something.  Whenever I see two identical bandmap
>entries, always together in the bandmap, I know the display is messed up.
>If I select one of them, I usually get a different bandmap entry.  This
>indicates to me that the display is out of sync with the actual bandmap
>list.  In any case, I just quickly change bands and then back again and the
>bandmap display re-writes itself correctly.

I just tried again with bandmap.bin file saved immediately
after I duped 9M4SDX.

The duplicate entry of 9M4SDX is still there no matter
what I do - exit & restart, band change, etc - so sounds
like there might be another undesired behavior going on
based on what Ed has seen.

I can select either one now & radio behaves properly.
It did not before.

Do it a few more times & then split version of 9M4SDX
no longer displays it is a split entry & radio does not
go into split.

Do it again a few more times & the entry in bandmap
that had split info once but then changed to not having
split info is again displayed as with split info.  Select it
& radio is set up for split.

Okay, not quite, but close to what Ed reported... though
appears to have element of what is displayed not
being same as what is in bandmap based on observed

Moving on, if I try to delete the bandmap entry that is
without split info, it turns into mess of numbers.

If instead I try to delete the bandmap entry that is with
split info, it deletes okay.

The bandmap entry with split info was most recent for
that call to arrive on "packet" port.  The bandmap entry
without split info may or may not have come in on the
"packet" port (most likely started as an entry I made,
then was replaced later on with incoming spot).

And another undesired behavior - every once in a
while all bandmap data is lost, as in one moment I
have a bandmap & then it goes blank & doesn't
come back.

That is not to be confused with changing bands &
bandmap data is not displayed for the new band -
sometimes it does this & a twirl of VFO brings it back.

73, VR2BrettGraham.

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