[Trlog] Switching Headphones

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Tue May 1 07:50:16 EDT 2007

That's Terry Zivney, N4TZ, in the National Contest Journal.  Very neat mod.

If you enable pin 5 on your LPT port, set the jumper that receives pin 5 
control inside the DXD to NA position, set up your logcfg properly (Stereo 
Control Pin = 5,Stereo Control Port = 1 (assuming you are using LPT-1), and 
put the DXD's front-panel switch in PTT RX mode then you should be able to 
get stereo control without modifying your DXD.  Since I don't have TR or my 
DXD any more, I'm doing this from documentation, and I can't find what 
keyboard key toggles "stereo" mode, but think it is probably the "~" key.

73, Pete N4ZR

At 11:28 PM 4/30/2007, Eric Hilding wrote:
>Kevin, N5DX, wrote:
>I am trying TR for the first time in the NS sprint tonight.  I'm using the DX
>Doubler to do my two radio switching.  Does TR have a keyboard command that
>will tell the DX Doubler to switch the headphones from one radio in both ears,
>to both radios in both ears?  NA has a control s command, which I remapped 
>to a
>one stroke command, which controlled the audio nicely.  I'm hoping that TR has
>something similar that I am missing?
>I have the DXD Mod a tech pal installed for me a year ago, which does this 
>when I press on a footswitch.
>Unfortunately, I can't find my DXD file so hopefully someone here 
>remembers the callsign of the guy who originated the mod and can tell you 
>where to find it.
>It works very cool, BTW.
>73 & GL...
>Rick, K6VVA
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