[Trlog] Help Please CW Pause

W6SX Hank Garretson w6sx at arrl.net
Thu May 3 18:45:01 EDT 2007

I am having trouble with TR 6.79.  New for me used eMachines computer 
with XP.  Booting into DOS from a CD.

When I first open TR (NE QSO Party) everything seems ok.  I can 
"work" stations either CQ or S&P and everything seems to play.  CW 
out on LPT1 is ok.  If I take a break and come back thirty minutes 
later, enter a call in the S&P window, and hit return, it is four or 
five seconds before my call is sent.

Perhaps part of the same problem, after entering the received info 
and hitting return, the 5NN CA is sent as 6NN CA.  I can fix this by 
making the S&P exchange ^5NN CA.

I have tried a SS.cfg and get the same problems.  Had the same 
problems last weekend with Florida QSO Party.

Help please.  Any ideas.


Hank, W6SX

Mammoth Lakes, California

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