[Trlog] Settings for K3 - anybody got a logcfg.dat file?

Ed Muns w0yk at msn.com
Tue Apr 22 10:46:10 EDT 2008

> I'm going on Thursday to check the CAT connection to a K3 
> that doesn't seem to be working with CT.  Does anyone have a 
> KNOWN GOOD logcfg.dat file they could send me so I start from 
> a working configuration?

Here is the Radio section out of my LOGCFG.DAT files that I've been using
for nine months now with my K3s.  I've never had any problem interfacing the
K3 with TR-Log, WriteLog or Win-Test.  I don't know why CT would be a
problem.  Just use the K2 setting if it exists, else Kenwood.

> If so, please identify the version of TR:  there are some 
> differences between 6.79 and the newest version and I want to 
> make sure I have the right one.

This is for the latest versions of TR-Log.  Specifically, I'm currently
using 6.88.

Ed - W0YK
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