[Trlog] Settings for K3 - anybody got a logcfg.dat file?

Bob Wolbert, K6XX k6xx at k6xx.com
Tue Apr 22 11:01:31 EDT 2008

I'll second what Ed Sed...

Just start a new contest with a blank logcfg.dat. Call the K3 either a "K2"
or a "TS850". No tricks required.

If the serial port functions, the K3 will talk to TR. If not, suspect the
serial port hardware (he's not trying to use a USB adapter with TR-Log, is

73 de Bob, K6XX

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> > I'm going on Thursday to check the CAT connection to a K3 
> > that doesn't seem to be working with CT.  Does anyone have a 
> > KNOWN GOOD logcfg.dat file they could send me so I start from 
> > a working configuration?
> Here is the Radio section out of my LOGCFG.DAT files that 
> I've been using
> for nine months now with my K3s.  I've never had any problem 
> interfacing the
> K3 with TR-Log, WriteLog or Win-Test.  I don't know why CT would be a
> problem.  Just use the K2 setting if it exists, else Kenwood.
> > If so, please identify the version of TR:  there are some 
> > differences between 6.79 and the newest version and I want to 
> > make sure I have the right one.
> This is for the latest versions of TR-Log.  Specifically, I'm 
> currently
> using 6.88.
> 73,
> Ed - W0YK

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