[Trlog] Setup for Two Orions using 6.88? Any hints or gotchas?

kd4d at comcast.net kd4d at comcast.net
Thu Oct 30 21:18:35 EDT 2008

Good day, all:

OK, time to take the plunge for Sweepstakes and use 6.88.  I'll be connecting to two Orions
and may be using at least one serial port from a ByteRunner PCI card using their DOS
adapter drivers.  I usually get by with 6.79...

I know that 6.88 uses the IRQ's and that helps with the Orions.  Anyone using it with
two Orions?  Any hints for installing and configuring it?

I THINK I've used 6.88 before, but really can't remember exactly when.  Any tips or gotchas
I need to be aware of?

Thanks and 73 (and thanks to Tree for what I STILL think is the best logging program
out there for a single operator!).

Mark, KD4D

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