[Trlog] Radio One Polling Disabled

R. Kline k7nj at infowest.com
Tue Dec 15 00:45:51 PST 2009

I'm trying to use an old Toshiba Laptop to run TRLog 6.79.  I've tried it
with Windows 98 SE, and it  won't communicate with my FT-1000D. A message
shows up near the bottom of the TRLog screen that says "Radio One Polling
Disabled".   Next, I changed the operating system to DOS 6.22 and the same
thing happens. I've compared my config files to those working satisfactorily
on another computer, and they are identical.  I suspect that the problem is
a bad serial port on the computer, but before giving up, maybe somebody has
a suggestion on what I could try. At the moment, the serial port  is running
with whatever default settings are determined by DOS 6.22 (I've not checked
them as I've not yet found out how to do that). Any suggestions (or info on
setting the serial port settings in DOS 6.22)  would be greatly appreciated.

Riki, K7NJ / 4X4NJ

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